Strategic Research

Data and Signal Processing Research Group (DSP)

The Data and Signal Processing Research Group is an emergent group recognized by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya, ref. 2014SGR-55). The DSP group develops its research in the field of advanced signal processing, machine learning and gamification techniques in several areas, with special interest in biosignals, biometrics for health, mHealth and eHealth. In these areas our main objective is to improve early detection of cognitive diseases (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson, essential tremor) using both direct (EEG, MRI) and indirect (speech, image, handwriting) measurements of brain activity, to develop new Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) for neurorehabilitation, and to integrate wareble devices to monitor/supervise human activities for medical applications through Internet of Things (IoT). The group is multidisciplinary and collaborates with other research groups, hospitals and enterprises (both national and international) in its projects.

Main projects

  • 1.

    Cerebral plasticity induced by intensive remediation in children with mathematical difficulties. A magnetic resonance imaging study

    Funding Entity: RecerCaixa

  • 2.

    Development of Signal Processing Tools for Bioinformatic Data Analysis

    Funding Entity: MICINN, ref. AR2009-0010

  • 3.

    El síndrome de la pesca: cambios multi-escala inducidos por las respuestas de los peces a la pesca. Soluciones tecnológicas.

    Funding entity: MINECO, Ref: CTM2015-69126-C2-2-R



Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Jordi Solé-Casals