Strategic Research

Clinical Genomics Unit

Genetic Human Research & Diagnostic. Personal Genomics. PharmacoGenomics.

Research, Diagnostic & Preventive DNA testing services (Panels, exome, whole-genome, etc.).  Interpretation and clinical genetic counseling for high-throughput genetic studies.  Validated and quality certified services (GLP, ISO9001:2008).  Valuable attributes: Certified Quality and Procedures; Fast turn-around times; Compromise; Clinical Interpretation; Expert Genetic Counseling. 

Bioinformatics expertise:

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Differential genomic/proteomic/metabolic caracterization

  • Compounds Genomic Functionality and Toxicity

  • Statistical multifactorial bio-models for automatic disease prediction

  • Bio-data long term storage

  • Custom ​Software development