Strategic Research

Biological Chemistry and Biotechnology Group (GQBB)

Multidisciplinary research group in the field of biosciences aimed at the study of biological processes at a molecular level with applications in biomedicine, food and industrial biotechnology. With a translational vision "from gene to product" its research tools combine molecular biology, chemistry and protein engineering, organic synthesis, molecular modeling, and bioprocesses in bioreactors. Its research lines are focused on glycobiology, studying enzymes and proteins involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates, on the search for therapeutic targets against infectious diseases, the application of enzymes in biocatalysis, the study of hormones and plant growth regulators, and the development of bioprocesses in industrial biotechnology. The group is financed by European and national competitive projects and applied research contracted by offering services and industry research collaborations.

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Antoni Planas