Strategic Research

Distributed Computation Group

The Group has expertise in high-performance computing systems, both parallels and distributed. We can cite as examples of parallel systems cloud environments (OpenStack and OpenNebla) and Big Data (Hadoop). Clusters, Grids, multiclusters and P2P environments would be examples of distributed systems in which the group has worked. We have a expertise on direction, adaptation and monitoring of Linux systems.

The most important research lines of the group are the design of cloud architectures, cluster, and P2P systems, as well as multicluster parallelization of algorithm. The group is also expert in simulation, and more specifically, in P2P systems, simulators and cloud. In the field of bioinformatics, is an expert in reconstruction of metabolic circuits of genes and proteins, as well as in the parallelization of algorithms for multiple sequence alignment. We master techniques such as genetic algorithms, linear programming optimization solvers and non-linear models based on queuing theory, data mining, simulation of ecosystems, optimizing the execution of MMORPG games, and modelling of the application "Google Maps" on clusters of visualization Liquid Galaxy from Google

Main projects

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    The project seeks out for higher scientific productivity by joining the efforts of the UAB and UdL groups in a coordinated project. The main goal of this project is the research on ideas, techniques, policies, and mechanisms for the efficient execution of multidisciplinary applications with high computing and data requirements on systems in the multi/many core era, including clusters, peta/exascale supercomputers, peer-to-peer systems, and cloud computing systems.

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    This project aims to study the relationship between youth migration, social movements and social media. The project is focused on the Catalan young migrant’s experiences, connected to other recent migrant experiences, especially those done by graduate people, also called ‘brain drain’.

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    Disease Discovery

    Disease Discovery is a website to aid physicians in their diagnoses, especially in rare diseases that are difficult to diagnose, as they are quite unknown. Given a set of symptoms, the website gives the most probable diseases. The medical staff can then have a tool to help diagnose diseases according to patient symptoms.



Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Concepció Roig Mateu