Strategic Research

Computational Genomics Lab @ UB (CGL@UB)

Our research focuses in the computational analysis of genomic sequences on eukaryotic genomes, both at nucleotide and amino acid levels. We are interested in signals that define functional regions, such as splice sites, promoters, and so on, as well as in developing software to integrate data from different sources, for instance high-throughput evidences from the "Omics" fields (basically Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics), to pinpoint functional candidates at sequence level for experimental follow-ups.

We have been working on the gene-expression analysis of planarian neoblasts, as well as in the annotation and characterization of this species transcriptome and proteome. We have participated in gene annotation assessment experiments, like RGASP, to validate the state-of-art gene finding tools. Furthermore, we have also been involved in the integration and visualization of whole-genome annotation data-sets via gff2ps tool and GBrowse web-interface. More recently, we are collaborating on several projects, including Viral MetaGenomics, the assembly of Drosophila subobscura reference genome along with several variants, and the construction of interaction networks for rare diseases driver genes. 

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Josep F. Abril

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Research collaborations in Genomics and Transcriptomics.

  • Research collaborations in Proteomics analyses.