Strategic Research

Oncology Data Science Group (ODysSey)

VHIO´s Oncology Data Science (ODysSey) Group provides guidance to medical oncologists and cancer biologists during the development, validation and interpretation of omics-based tests that have direct clinical application. We develop and maintain clinical-molecular databases - an essential resource for medical oncologists, molecular pathologists and translational investigators at VHIO. We also manage the Gene Drug Knowledge Database (GDKD) (doi:10.7303/syn2370773), a structured database that uses standardized terminology to describe associations integrating different layers of annotations: tumor types, genes, variants, response/resistance patterns to approved and experimental agents under clinical investigation linked to PubMed identifiers, as well as encourage and promote collaborative research among computational oncology scientists on predictive and prognostic modeling, identification of cancer drivers and druggability in solid tumors.

Stategic Goals:

  • Integration of clinical translational research with genomics for precision cancer therapy
  • Clinical-molecular databases of matched targeted agents and standardized reports of next-generation sequencing tests
  • Collaborative research in cancer genomics/computational oncology and its clinical implications

Main projects

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    The primary aim MedBioinformatics is to develop integrative bioinformatics tools and software applications that can be readily used by translational scientists and clinical practitioners to analyze mass data generated in biomedical research in order to advance translational research and precision medicine.



Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Rodrigo Dienstmann

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Big Data mining

  • Facilitate clinical-molecular correlative studies