Strategic Research

Genetics and Genomics of Vegetable Crops and Rosaceae

The Genetics and Genomics of Vegetable Crops and Rosaceae group encompasses the IRTA Bioinformatics team at CRAG, and forms part of the Plant and Animal Genomics Program of the Center, whose aim is to understand the genome organization, variability and evolution of different crops and domestic animals. The team is currently offering its expertise at the level of crop species, contributing to projects involving the development of crop varieties with desirable agronomic traits (e.g. disease resistance, high fruit quality) and also in projects aiming to understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms controlling these traits. The team is responsible for managing and analysing all the high-throughput plant genomics data generated by the researchers of the group (WG-seq and RNA-seq data) utilizing a powerful local computer cluster available at CRAG. A major task of these bioinformatics pipelines is the identification of genomic variants (SNPs, INDELs, Large SVs) between distinct plant genotypes, as well as within diverse populations. We are also utilizing up-to-date methodologies, such as BSA-seq, GBS and TILLING-by-sequencing, for fine mapping of QTLs and identification of chemically-induced novel genetic variation in plants.

Main projects

  • 1.

    Genetic dissection of two characters of agronomic interest in melon: resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus and climacteric fruit ripening

    RESMELORIP, AGL2015-64625-C2-1-R, 2016-2018

  • 2.

    Genetic analysis of aroma in wild and cultivated strawberry: marker development for cultivated strawberry selection

    RTA2013-00010, 2014-2016

  • 3.

    Joint Unit for the production of new horticultural species

    Contract with Semillas Fitó SA, 2016-2018