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Bioinformatics Platform

The Bioinformatics Platform of IDIBAPS is mainly devoted to the analysis and support in the interpretation of data coming from "omics" high-throughput experiments using complex statistical methodologies in the basic biomedicine research. The benefits of the integration of different types of data are nowadays considered an important improvement in biological/biomedical studies, however, the integration of data coming from the Transcriptomics, Genomics, Proteomics, or Metabolomics fields require huge efforts in the development of specific analysis, tools, and  databases. 

We are deeply involved in differential expression or classification studies in complex "omics" data in order to characterize and prioritize the most important features in pathological processes. We are focused on the analysis of differential network studies aiming to understand very complex biological problems to determine key pathogenic factors and the discovery of specific biomarkers for diagnosis. At present, the emerging field of Systems Biology is aimed at analyzing and integrating data from the entire "omics" field to ultimately create working models of entire biological systems.

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Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Susana Kalko

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Consultancy and Analysis

    Counseling in experimental design; low-level and quality control analyses; bioinformatics-biostatistical resources; intensive analysis of OMICS technology data in collaborative settings; interpretation of results using Systems Biology methodologies.