Strategic Research

Computer Vision and Robotics Group (VICOROB)

VICOROB is a research group of the University of Girona with the focus on Computer Vision and Robotics. VICOROB combines high-level research with technology transfer, focusing on basic and applied research projects, promoting values such as respect, diversity, hard work, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

The VICOROB research line on Medical image analysis is committed to develop and optimize methods (including developments in both hardware and software) for the analysis of data and medical images. To this end, we develop computer science algorithms that include techniques such as image segmentation, image registration, pattern recognition, object detection, object characterization, and statistical signal processing.

Main projects

  • 1.

    The main objective of the project is to develop, validate and implement in clinical practice fully automated and robust tools to measure new lesions and changes in brain volume in patients with multiple sclerosis, analysing the magnetic resonance images of the brain.

  • 2.


    The aim of this project is to develop methods to customize the detection of breast cancer and help in the diagnosis. We developed new screening methods based on the analysis of magnetic resonance and ultrasound images.

  • 3.


    The aim of this project is to develop a new tool to reduce the scattering of projections in digital breast tomosynthesis. These images with reduced dispersion, will be added to a new CAD system to significantly improve the detection of breast lesions.



Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Robert Martí

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Transversal image analysis. Pre-processing, detection, segmentation

  • Longitudinal image analysis. Registration, changes and evolution in temporal images.

  • Classification, data mining, selection of attributes.

  • Experts in magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, mammography (X-rays, tomosynthesis), dermatography.