Strategic Research

Laboratory of Genetic Ichthyology (LGI)

Using genetic and epigenetic variation, our research effort focused on identifying evolutionary changes among populations of threatened and exploited species and estimating valuable genetic resources for sustainable management and conservation. The group has been focused on the study of fish populations, both freshwater and marine, but nowadays we are applying our know-how to the preservation of diversity beyond fish species, including livestock and crops. Our expertise allows the development of tools for the molecular identification and traceability of processed food products of plant and animal origin. Depending on the target species and objectives, we assign research to three main lines:

  • Conservation Genetics
  • Sustainable Management of Exploited Species, and
  • Genomics and Genomic architecture of the species.

Main projects

  • 1.

    CONECTividad poblacional en la gamba rosada, Aristeus antennatus, en el Mediterráneo noroccidental entre el Golfo de León y el Golfo de Valencia. - Flujo GÉNico (CONECTA-GEN)


  • 2.

    Identificació i caracterització de regions genòmiques sota selecció en poblacions mediterrànies d'espinós, Gasterosteus aculeatus


  • 3.

    Variabilitat genòmiques en espècies explotades




Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Jose-Luis García-Marín

Bioinformatics services offered

  • Sanger Sequencing and genetic analyzer

  • Development of molecular tools for traceability of processed food products