Strategic Research

Biomedical Genomics (BBG Lab)

The BBGLab, led by Nuria Lopez-Bigas, is focused on the study of cancer genomics. Specifically, the group is interested in the development of computational approaches to analyse cancer genomes to identify mutations, genes and pathways driving tumorigenesis and the identification of their therapeutic targeting opportunities. The group also analyzes the mutations detected across thousands of tumors to study the interplay between the DNA damage and repair and normal cellular processes.

Among the most important achievements obtained by BBGLab are the development of pioneering methods to identify cancer driver genes (Oncodrive methods)(NAR 2012, Bioinformatics 2013, Genome Biology 2016), the development of IntOGen, a discovery tool for cancer research (Nature Methods 2013), the description of a landscape of driver events and their therapeutic opportunities across around 7000 tumours of 28 different cancer types (Cancer Cell 2015), the discovery that DNA-bound proteins interfere with the nucleotide excision repair machinery, leading to increased rate of DNA mutations at the protein binding sites (Nature 2016).

Main projects

  • 1.


    Identifying noncoding cancer drivers. ERC. 2016-2021

  • 2.


    Creating medically-driven integrative bioinformatics applications focused on oncology, CNS disorders and their comorbidities. H2020. 2016-2018.

  • 3.

    Exploring mechanisms of resistance in adult and pediatric T-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

    AECC. 2017-2021



Bioinformatics expertise:

Group Leader:

Nuria Lopez-Bigas

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