Strategic Research

Geometry of Varieties and Applications (GEOMVAP)

The overall objective of the group is to study mathematical properties of geometric structures, such as algebraic varieties, concrete symplectic maps, differential, etc., and seeks to make from different points of view (global, local, dynamic, ahead of the applications) and using different techniques (geometric, algebraic, topological, arithmetic and computational differentials). Group members work within multidisciplinary teams and research transversal applications such as biology, physics and robotics.

Main projects

  • 1.

    Geometry and topology of varieties, algebra, and applications.

    In the framework of bioinformatics, in this project we develop algebraic tools for the reconstruction of the topology of phylogenetic trees from sequence alignments. We also deal with the study of markovian evolutionary models from an algebraic point of view, with data simulation, and with the development of the software that implements the proposed methods.