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Epigenetics of Endocrine Pancreatic Tumours

The endocrine system consists of a collection of distinct cell identities organized in tissues and shaped into functional organs. These highly specialized tissues ensure the physiological equilibrium of an organism and its possibility, throughout life, to interact with the environment. How do these cell populations preserve their identity? Which molecular mechanisms are required to maintain their phenotype stable for decades? How are gene regulatory networks altered in pathological conditions?

Our group combines molecular genetics and bioinformatic approaches to understand the regulatory mechanisms that control function and cell fate of the endocrine tissues central to diabetes.

Our group is also contributing to the insulin-producing beta-cells regulatory genomics by maintaining and developing the islet regulome browser a web tool that allows the visualization of different classes of regulatory elements, together with enhancer clusters, transcription factor binding sites, and binding motifs in human pancreatic islets.



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Lorenzo Pasquali

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