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EF Clif - European Foundation for the study of chronic liver failure (EF Clif)

EF Clif - European Foundation for the study of chronic liver failure (EF Clif)

The EF-Clif is a private non-profit organization aimed to promote research and education in Chronic Liver Failure. The final objective of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life and to increase the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis.

The scientific activities of the EF-Clif are grouped in two Chairs of Research. The EASL-CLIF Chair is aimed at performing large observational, pathophysiological and therapeutic studies to increase our understanding of Chronic Liver Failure and to improve the management of patients with cirrhosis. The Grifols Chair is focused on performing translational studies that improve our knowledge of the mechanisms of Chronic Liver Failure and to promote.

Each chair has a specific tool to achieve their objectives. The clinical investigations of the EASL-CLIF Chair are performed by the EASL-CLIF Consortium, a network of close to a hundred European University Hospitals. The translational research projects of the Grifols Chair are performed by The European Network for Translational Research in Chronic Liver Failure (ENTR-CLIF), a network of research laboratories with interest in Liver Failure and facilities to perform translational research. The EASL-CLIF Consortium is already fully developed and operative. The Grifols Chair is still in a phase of early development.

According to the rules of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, the scientific activities of the network of hospitals organized in the setting of the EF CLIF Chair are performed under the direction of a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and of an EASL-CLIF Consortium Steering Committee of 15 additional members. There is also an EASL-CLIF Consortium Assembly composed by the Steering Committee members and the hospital Coordinators.

The scientific activities of the ENTR-CLIF chair are also under the supervision and direction of a Steering Committee which is currently under constitution.