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Aizon (Aizon)

Aizon (Aizon)

Aizon is a SaaS company focused in Pharma & Biotech process optimization using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Aizon has 7 patents in relation with: Regulated Data Acquisition, Regulated Data Management and Architecture & Protocols managing big data in the cloud.

Aizon supplies packed big data tools and AI algorithms into ready-to-use Solutions to improve and ensure the quality and efficiency of the Biotech and Pharma manufacturing processes.

The usage of these algorithms with big data allows to have an holistic approach to the actual manufacturing processes leading into a paradigm shift in the actual Pharma & Biotech industries. All that makes big-engine, the SaaS platform of Bigfinite, an indispensable tool for the Pharma 4.0.

The platform has been designed to use Big Data according to the Data Integrity guidelines and the regulatory requirements defined by the US FDA, providing a validatable cloud solution to manage GxP processes.

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