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Costaisa (Costaisa)

Costaisa (Costaisa)

Costaisa is a corporation specialized in the healthcare and insurance sector since 1968 and offers business consultancy, implementation of technological solutions and outsourcing services: development, administration systems, hosting and user support.

Our team is composed by several professional profiles on clinical and business areas, high qualified and with a vast experience on international projects.

Costaisa has a product suite which covers the majority of the requirements of the information systems in a healthcare centre, from the clinical area (HIS, telemedicine, PACS, nephrology, anatomical pathology, laboratory management, blood bank and biomedical research) to the non-clinical (ERP, ECM, quality control, human resources planning, interoperability, mainteinance, electronic invoicing and shift management).

Costaisa has participated in around ten European projects concerning innovation in healthcare technology, and particularly in the field of rehabilitation for patients with chronic illnesses, such as the Hipermed project which received the Eureka Award in 2014 and the Innova eVia award in 2015.

In 2016 we begin the Nextcare project which promotes a new model of personalised care for the chronically ill with the support of digital solutions. Eurecat is leading this personalised medicine initiative in which Costaisa will play a strategic role in defining the framework of deployment. Solutions are based on the concept of P4 Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory) which will be very highly technology-oriented.

And in 2014 Costaisa took part in the Salut & Sport-S2 project in order to develop a mobile training platform to improve health while exercising, by wearing clothes with phisiological parameter monitoring systems. This project was promoted by Acció and technology and textile companies as well as companies from the sports sector.

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