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Janssen Cilag (Janssen)

Janssen Cilag (Janssen)

Our mission is to transform individual lives and fundamentally change the way diseases are managed, interpreted, and prevented. We aim not only to innovate but also to empower people with the tools they need to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible results for their health.

We are developing treatments for patients in five important therapeutic areas of healthcare: cardiovascular and metabolism, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience and oncology.

We work for change that will improve access to medicines: the best available treatment at an affordable price. That's why we at Janssen strive to provide access to effective and affordable medicines and related healthcare services to the people who need them.

This is what inspired the creation of Janssen Healthcare Innovation which objective is to develop cutting-edge health solutions that will improve patient outcomes and contribute with it to the evolution to a patient-centered health care model.