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University of Lleida (UdL)

University of Lleida (UdL)

The University of Lleida specializes in four main areas: Agrifood production and technologies, Biomedicine, Social and territorial development, and Technology and sustainability. Our research is organized in four research centers: Agrotecnio and IRBLleida (CERCA centers), and INDEST and INSPIRES (UdL research centers). The UdL also participates in the Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari (PCiTAL) which enables a close collaboration between industry and university.

Our strategic plan focuses in identifying flagship projects so that the UdL can be a leader in providing new solutions to important social and scientific challenges. Our position in the agrifood sector is especially relevant and we are involved in all the RIS3CAT and UE initiatives in this important area of activity.

The Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS) and the research center INSPIRES develops an active research in distributed computation and artificial intelligence. In collaboration with the biomedical research center IRBLLEIDA we are involved in developing new bioinformatics tools for data mining and systems modeling.

Furthermore, the UdL is developing a project to set-up a virtual platform (Agritech BIG DATA) so that Big Data techniques could be applied to the agrifood sector. We want to contribute to identify the added value of these techniques for the activities of food production and transformation and bridge the gap between agrifood industries and technology experts. This initiative will be located in the PCiTAL and will integrate groups and experts of UdL, UPC, IRTA, Eurecat, etc.