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Esteve (ESTEVE)

Esteve (ESTEVE)

ESTEVE is an international pharmaceutical chemical group that focuses its efforts on innovation and excellence in the field of health, striving daily to achieve customer satisfaction and to contribute to the wellbeing of society.

ESTEVE focuses its main operations on two broad areas, always related to health: pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients or pharmaceutical fine chemicals. In the pharmaceuticals area, ESTEVE researches, develops and markets new medicines and new innovative formulations.

ESTEVE's goal is to understand patient needs, acquire a deep scientific knowledge of the disease and focus on novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs as a means to improve human life.

The R&D portfolio of ESTEVE encompasses projects of different natures spanning new chemical entities (NCE), new biological entities (NBE), life cycle management strategies (LCM) and generic medications leveraging different R&D partnership architectures, diversified across different therapeutic areas and at different stages of development.

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