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Bitac Map (BITAC)

Bitac Map (BITAC)

BITAC is a clinical terminology for e health Company which provides specialized terminology services and tools to unlock the power of data in order to convert it in clinical knowledge. We are experts in terminology standards: clinical: ICD10, SNOMED CT; laboratory: LOINC and Genetic : OMIM, GENEBANK, RefSeq, HUGO... Our focus is enhancing the link between clinical data from EHR (Electronic health records) with those genetic data generated in DNA sequencing platforms (Agilent, Illumina...) in order to provide tools for predictive medicine and personalized medicine in the near future.

BITAC is  developing and implementing tools  based on clinical standards  that will help  healthcare information systems to capture, interpret, and share complex accurate patient data, including genomic information along with phenotypic and clinical data. EHRs, mobile technologies, and data interoperability are just some of the health IT elements that can enable a "learning health care system" that systematically captures and disseminates findings from every clinical interaction and research milestone into a continuous feedback loop. Linking clinical outcomes to new research on genetic and other molecular variation is our scope, and two benefits: physicians receive clinical decision support tools and data on personalized diagnostics and treatments can support a rational basis for insurance coverage.

Promoting the use of terminological standards such as SNOMED CT  between  the clinical and research environments  may confer a better understanding of  the cycle of disease, will also  help these data to be transferred into clinical applications, thereby improving the processes of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Currently the government has granted us a research fellowship ("Torres Quevedo" PTQ-13-06022) for the next three years called "Development of an application for the terminology standardization that will facilitate the integration, reuse or communication of clinical information from different sources in the fields of Molecular Biology and genomics, applied to the field of personalized medicine". The aim of this Project is to study the relationships and benefits of the combined use of standards (SCT, ICD+, OMIM, ORPHANET, LOINC...) in clinical scenarios.

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