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Made of Genes (MoG)

Made of Genes (MoG)

Made of Genes provides a professional framework for the clinical implementation of P4 Medicine based in -omics sciences with a customer-centric approach. The framework developed by Made of Genes comprises a high performance computing platform based on an hybrid-cloud architecture ensuring the scalability and compliance required for clinical Big Data and Big Analysis. The legal framework is based on a patient-centric data ownership with a unique-in-a-kind, patent pending, method for ensuring informed access to genomic sequence and health records. Made of Genes is an Open Platform where any kind of professionals (diagnosis laboratories, pharmas, companies, spin-offs...) can offer analytical services useful for the healthcare professionals in order to better understand the molecular basis of our health. The Platform can be integrated with existing systems via API and products and services can be distributed trough a Marketplace, like an App Store for genomics and personalized medicine.

Bioinformatics services offered:

  • Customer-centric personal genomics service: We allow our end-customers to obtain their whole genome sequencing and store it forever in the Made of Genes platform. From there, they will find a Marketplace of personalized products and services based on their unique DNA. The platform also accounts with a secure Informed Consent channel to enable the clinical interpretation of this data trough validated healthcare professionals.
  • Professional framework for genomics (B2B): Made of Genes platform allows custom implementations, both in a pay-per-service or licensing model for corporate clients. This allows the deployment of the Customer-centric model in corporations, such as clinical groups, hospitals, insurance companies or research consortiums.
  • Platform as a Service for researchers and organizations: Made of Genes provides an European law compliant platform for the development of genomic and poblational studies with strong emphasis in data sharing enabled by specific patient consent. This promotes an ethical data ownership and allows the reuse of patients information between different projects, at the same time that allows lower infrastructure costs.
  • Support to research: Made of Genes team is comprised by highly trained professionals in both Life and Computational sciences coming from centers such as BSC, CRG, CNAG and other European institutions with large experience in algorithmic, data management or population genomics. We also account with an executive team experienced in digital health enviroments, both public and private, and unique contacts in the eHealth sector, both at national and international level. We understand both the biology, informatics and business complexity of genomics.
  • Knowledge transfer of Bioinformatics made easy: Thanks to our legal framework, spin-offs or startups can put their computational genetic analysis solutions in the market in just a couple of weeks. We take care of the distribution channels, partnerships and compliance required to put your product in the market.

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