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WinDat (WinDat)

WinDat (WinDat)

Windat is an interdisciplinary team focused on providing the best service to professionals, SMEs and large companies. We specialize in data protection, but since this area is so cross-disciplinary, we can add value in very diverse fields within companies and that focus on privacy, security and information management.

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Providing comprehensive, personalized, quality, local consultancy and services, in order to give added value in the strategic management of the business of the companies.


Being an organization committed to society, a leader and innovator in the deployment of resources in the field of data protection and information security, generating confidence in our clients and professionals in order to meet their needs.


Excellence services and advice.

The continuous training of our professionals as the axis to offer the optimum attention.

Base decision-making on participation.

Listen to customers and prospects.

Promotion of strategic alliances with associations, business unions, professional colleges, institutes, business schools in the region, in order to contribute to the dissemination of the importance of protecting the personal data of citizens.

Seeking continuous improvement with systematic evaluations of the results of our activities.