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TIC Salut Social (TICSS)

TIC Salut Social (TICSS)

Driving innovation


To be agents facilitating the transformation of the health and social care model through TIC.


Become the benchmark in the health and social sector that drives innovation in the use of TICs as an instrument for the transformation of the healthcare model.


  • Flexibility and collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment to the health and social sector
  • Innovation
  • Global and local
  • Illusion
  • Management autonomy


The TIC Social Health Foundation is an organism of the Ministry of Health, which works to promote the development and use of TICs and networking in the field of health, as an observatory of new trends, innovation and monitoring of emerging initiatives, and offers standardization and product approval services.

The implantation of TIC in health is already unstoppable and it is seen as one of the most transformative elements of the health of the future. The fact that health in Catalonia includes 100% of the citizenry within a framework of universal and public coverage, together with the involvement of a great diversity of agents, suppliers organizations and subsidiary industries, puts the health sector in a excellent situation to act as an innovator and economic driver of the new technologies sector.