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Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual (FBankia)

Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual (FBankia)

Bankia decided to make a commitment to education, convinced that through it we can improve the society in which we live, fight against social exclusion and make progress in reducing social inequalities. This commitment was born from our concern to devolope social advancement and from our conviction that education has the power and the engine to make it possible.

Our project was born with its own name: Dualiza. And it is the brand under which the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training converge all its actions for the dissemination and prestige of Vocational Training. Commited with the promotion of Vocational Training, being aware that it is practical training, that it is learning, it improves the possibilities of employability for students and the competitiveness of companies. In short, it is employment.

We know that this is the first step to change people's lives. We know this because we have seen it: young people who, thanks to VT, have managed to specialize in sectors with strong labor demand, and older people who have managed to develop new skills that have allowed them to reincorporate on the working market.

Dual VT has ceased to be the ugly duckling to become a platform for excellence. Today VT is medical, robotic, mechatronic or computer research; but also welding, hospitality or livestock. That is its virtue: VT is what society needs because it responds to its needs.

VT is the future, and at Bankia we have decided to bet on it. A bet for our young people, for our companies. A commitment to VT, a commitment to the future and to our future