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CaixaBank Dualiza (Dualiza)

CaixaBank Dualiza (Dualiza)

The Call for Dualiza and FPEmpresa Grants is our commitment to promote VT projects in educational centers that have the collaboration of the company. We value the innovation, the impact on the territory, the sustainability or the transferability of the knowledge generated by that project. If you have a project do not hesitate to present it.

The Call is Dualiza's commitment to promoting center-company collaboration projects. It is open for any project linked to Basic Vocational Training, Intermediate Level Training Cycles, and Higher Level.

Objectives of the Call for Dualiza Grants

  • Promote collaboration projects between educational centers and companies within the framework of alternating training, in which both participate at different levels of responsibility for the training process, planning, development, monitoring or evaluation.
  • To expand the culture of networking among the different agents involved in VT.
  • To support those initiatives aimed at improving the training of school and company tutors, both from the point of view of specialization and pedagogical training.
  • To encourage projects that focus on researching and improving the quality of Vocational Training.