Sequentia Biotech launches AIR, a cloud platform revolutionizing transcriptomics

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The first predictive bioinformatics tool that automatically analyzes mass transcriptomic data from the genome of any species, generated by new generation sequencing technologies, providing a complete report in less than 24 hours

Sequentia Biotech launches AIR, a cloud platform revolutionizing transcriptomics

Sequentia Biotech launches a cloud computing platform called A.I.R. (Artificial Intelligence RNAseq), the first predictive bioinformatics tool that automatically analyzes mass transcriptomic data (ie data linked to the RNA) from the genome of any species, generated by new generation sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS), providing a complete report in less than 24 hours.

Transcriptomics studies the transcriptome, the set of ribonucleic acid molecules (RNA) that exist in a cell, tissue or organ, which play a key role in the regulation of gene expression and other important processes in cell biology. Transcriptomes are highly variable because they provide information on the whole set of genes that are being expressed under certain conditions at a given time and differ considerably from one cell to another.

The development of new transcriptome sequencing technologies, such as RNA-Seq, has allowed us to advance the knowledge of the dynamics of gene expression and its influence on the development of many biological processes. Transcriptomes of cancer cells, for example, can help to understand carcinogenesis and stem cell processes, as well as cell development and differentiation.

A.I.R.'s innovation lies in the fact that it is the first RNA-Seq data analysis platform in the world capable of solving three important obstacles in the field of genomics: computing issues (specifically data storage, automation of results and duration of analysis); scientific issues generated by new Generation Sequencing technologies (interpretation and integration of data, in addition to offering new bioinformatics and statistical functions); and social issues (the lack of simple, easy-to use tools available to researchers, who are not highly proficient with bioinformatics).

The new era of transcriptomics

By launching A.I.R., Sequentia Biotech is enabling the scientific community with the possibility of analyzing and comparing RNA samples automatically, as well as interpreting the resulting data, all within the same package and more diligently than other existing methods. In addition, A.I.R. is not limited to model organisms; it works with any sequenced species, currently using a database of 45.000 genomes. The platform uses the latest algorithms and bioinformatics methods published, and they are updated accordingly. It is also scalable, that is, an unlimited number of users can connect without compromising the quality and speed of the service, and users can upload data from their own G-drive without having to connect to the cloud.

"A.I.R. is the first disruptive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution because, in addition to using robust scientific methods, it is a fast and user-friendly software. It only requires three steps and results can be obtained in just 2 hours, in fact, depending on the type and number of samples, the time of analysis can be reduced to only 30 minutes. The cost of analysis with A.I.R. is also 50 times lower than other comparable methods (in terms of the quality offered). Furthermore, the system is automated and only requires users to upload their data and define their species reference genome, no specialized training is required. Any researcher who is not a bioinformatics expert can use the system", further explains Walter Sanseverino, co-founder and CEO of Sequentia Biotech.

Sequentia has procured funding from SME Instrument Phase,1 -as part of the Horizon 2020 program- under the category 'Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme' for the A.I.R project. This 50,000 € grant is intended for small and medium-sized European companies that invest in innovative projects with great economic and social impact.

Sequentia is formally introducing this revolutionary platform to the scientific community at PAG (Plant and Animal Genome Conference) held from 14 to 18 January in San Diego, California (USA), the world's largest and most important agrigenomics meeting, bringing together more than 3,000 outstanding scientists and researchers from different areas of plant molecular biology and animal genetics every year. 

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About Sequentia

Sequentia Biotech ( was founded in 2013 by Walter Sanseverino (CEO) and Riccardo Aiese Cigliano (CSO), two young researchers with a real passion for genetics and omics sciences, as a spin-off of the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), a consortium composed by CSIC, IRTA, UAB and the UB. The objective of Sequentia Biotech is to create proprietary know-how to increase the access of the scientific community to the information produced by new generation sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS) efficiently and affordably.

The company based in the Parc Cientific de Barcelona from UB and in the Parc de Recerca from UAB, focuses its work on the design and development of new bioinformatic tools for the analysis and integration of genomic and post-genomic data that expedite basic and applied research. Currently, and just three years since its inception, Sequentia has achieved a large highly diversified portfolio of clients and partners, consisting of over 30 public and private research centers, companies and hospitals. The company is taking part in more than 160 R & D public and private projects; and it has two open source biodata banks.

Cofounders Walter Sanseverino and Riccardo Aiese have published more than 40 scientific articles in high impact journals such as Nature Genetics, Scientific Report or DNA Research. 

A.I.R. (Artificial Intelligence RNAseq)

The Birth of A.I.R.