Made of Genes and Synlab Present "Personalized Health: Beyond Genetics"

On September 19th at the Movistar Center in Plaza de Catalunya (Barcelona)

Made of Genes and Synlab Present "Personalized Health: Beyond Genetics"

Why doesn't the diet that worked so well for my coworker work for me? Why is it difficult for me to lose weight if I do exercise? 
Why do schedule changes affect me so much? Why if I drink more than a cup of coffee do I not rest at night? Why are lifestyle recommendations generic if I am unique?

Genetic information brings us closer to knowing the most fundamental of ourselves. But genetics is not limiting. 
It allows us to know our limits, yes. But also what is the best way to break them.

It is essential, then, not only to know how you are, but also how you are in each moment to have a real vision of your live as a starting point on which ypo can act in one way or another. This is what we understand as personalized health.

In this event moderated by Pere Estupinya (presentador y director de "El ladrón de cerebros" TVE), we will debate alongside Dr. Oscar Flores (Doctor in Biomedicine, Computer Engineer and co-founder of Made of Genes) and Dr. Dr. David de Lorenzo (international expert in Nutrigenomics and Personal Genomics) how leaning on the most innovative science we can find health impacts that allow us to educate in personalized healthy lifestyles.


Date and Hour

Fecha y Hora

Thu. September 19th, 2019


Movistar Centre

16 Plaça de Catalunya

08002 Barcelona


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