FPI Predoctoral Position In Biophysical Biomarkers Of Lung Cancer Fibroblasts Applied To Machine Learning For Drug Screening

Centre / Institution:
University of Barcelona
Bioinformatics expertise:
Bioinformatics of Disease and Treatment

Job description

The PhD project will study the biophysical biomarkers that characterize and describe the activation state of tumorassociated fibroblasts in lung cancer, and develop methods based on image quantification of the cytoskeleton and machine learning that can be later used in drug screening strategies against lung cancer. The successful candidate will work with advanced biophysical techniques including: Image quantification, Atomic Force Microscopy and Traction Microscopy and use their outputs in machine learning algorithms for the detection of cancer-associated cells. The project will also involve the use of biomimetic soft scaffolds produced from decellularized lung tissue and the testing of a small drug panel with potential against lung cancer.

The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr. Núria Gavara, within the Biophysics and Bioengineering Unit. The Unit is focused on bioengineering with a multiscale approach ranging from cell to organ. The particular interests of Dr. Gavara are on the mechanobiology of the cytoskeleton an its potential in understanding and diagnosing physio- and pathological states. 

Desired skills and expertise

We are seeking an individual with a strong interest in multidisciplinary research, the development of cutting-edge biophysical tools to investigate translationally or clinically-focused problems on respiratory pathology or cancer and its potential translation to industry. He/she is expected to hold a Master's degree in physics, engineering of related topics (or to obtain the degree by July 2022). Programming skills and knowledge of image processing or machine learning will be highly valued.

Contract duration and other benefits

This is a 4-year predoc position within a project funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (FPI scholarship).

Its anticipated starting date is July 2022

Required information and contact

Candidates should send as soon as possible an e-mail with a motivation letter, CV and brief academic records to Dr. Núria Gavara ngavara@ub.edu