Jornada 'Real world data for biomedical research' (Clinic Barcelona Summer School)

Real world  data for biomedical research

9.00-9.10h: Opening and introduction. Prof. Antoni Trilla. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

9.10-11.00h: Round Table: Real world big data for clinical research.

Moderator: Prof Xavier Pastor. Chief Medical Information Officer. Hospital Clínic Barcelona 

  • Federated clinical data analysis platforms: a new opportunity for Biomedical Research . Prof. Dipak Kalra. President of the European Institute for Health Records and of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data. University College. London.
  • Data mining from electronic medical records. Prof. Bernardo Valdivieso. Planning director. Hospital la Fe. Valencia.
  • Integration of genomics and clinical data.  Prof. David Torrens. ICREA Research professor of Genomics at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Barcelona.

11:15-11:45: Coffee Break

11.45h-13.30h: Ongoing projects: achievements and challenges.

Moderator: Dr. Raimundo Lozano. Senior consultant and responsible of the area of Research and Innovation in Medical Informatics. Hospital Clinic. Barcelona.

  • Radiomics: a new approach to radiological image interpretation. Dr. Antonio López. Interventional neuroradiology. Image Diagnostic Center. Hospital Clínic. Barcelona
  • Natural Language Processing upon clinical texts. Dr. Artur Conesa. Clinical Documentation. Medical Informatics. Hospital Clínic. Barcelona.
  • Analytical tools for discovering co-morbiditiy patterns in patients with chronic diseases. Dr. Miquel Angel Mayer. Research Progamme on Biomedical Informatics. IMIM. Parc de Recerca Biomédica de Barcelona.

13:30-13:45: Closing remarks. Prof. Antoni Castells. Medical Director. Hospital Clínic. Barcelona.

Clinic Barcelona Summer School