Inauguration of the interuniversity Doctoral Program in Bioinformatics

Inauguration of the interuniversity Doctoral Program in Bioinformatics


We invite you to the formal inauguration of the interuniversity Doctoral Program in Bioinformatics that will take place on Wednesday, June 20.



  • 12:00 Inauguration event by the institutional representatives of the participating Universities and Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB)
  • 12:30 Conference "Personalized Medicine as a Bioinformatics challenge" by Dr. Alfonso Valencia, ICREA Research Professor; Life Sciences Department Director, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS); Spanish Bioinformatics Institute Director INB-ISCIII


"Personalized Medicine as a Bioinformatics challenge"

Personalized Medicine represents the adoption of genomics and other -OMIC technologies to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Personalized Medicine is arguably the most promising development resulting from the genomic revolution. The treatment and analysis of genomic information is tremendously challenging for a number of reasons that include the diversity and heterogeneity of the data, strong dependence of the associated metadata, very fast evolution of the experimental methods and the large size and confidential nature of the data. Furthermore, the lack of a sufficiently developed conceptual framework in molecular biology makes data interpretation even more challenging. The use of OMIC information in medical applications will require the appropriate combination with descriptions of diseases, symptoms, drugs and treatments, as well as with information obtained from medical devices, medical images and Electronic Health Records. Finally, the actual application of these developments in medicine will require the integrated use of machine learning methods to make all this information accessible to the adequate simulation frameworks. At BSC, we see the interpretation of genomic and other medical information as the key challenges of our time.