BUB#2 - Data Vizz _ When science meets art

BUB#2 - Data Vizz _ When science meets art

Science is driven through data. And everyday more and more, scientists need a good understanding of the basic tools employed to explore this complexity and communicate the information behind it. With design and mathematics as main tools and arts in mind, we will dedicate the unseminar BUB#2 to learn how to communicate scientific information more efficiently through data visualization.

During BUB#2, we are going to learn how to use infographics and design to integrate a variety of information and illustrate ideas effectively. We'll understand how the grammar of graphics can help us asking the right questions to explore our data and we'll find out how to ensure a balance between aesthetic form and functionality in graphical representations. Finally, we'll put all these concepts into practice in a hands on session; you're encouraged to bring along your own data and share your data visualization problems/nightmares with us!

Ok, yes... We admit that we initially thought of preparing an unseminar for bioinformaticians (has anyone said ggplot? ;^D ). But data analysis receives inputs from many disciplines (design, life and social sciences, statistics and journalism) and we loved the idea of bringing together participants who work at the crossroads of this discipline from different approaches. So this unseminar is addressed to students and professionals at all levels and from all fields who would like to gain further insights about data representation through the arts of visual communication.

The activity is open to everybody, not just bioinformaticians. No laptop needed, just hands to paint!

BUB#2 Speakers are:

  • Jaime Serra, Infographics director at La Vanguardia @ja_serra
  • Xavi Gimenez, Interactive developer and multimedia engineer at Siris Academic @xavigimenez
  • Óscar Reina, Senior Research Officer in Bioinformatics at IRB Barcelona @singlecoated
  • Xavi Blanch, digital strategist and production manager at Season @xavi_b


  • Date and hour: March 14, from 18h to 20:30h.  
  • Venue: Sala Ramon y Cajal - Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB) | C/ del Dr. Aiguader, 88, Barcelona.
  • Waiting list: https://goo.gl/forms/BD78R6gvb1N01DEB2 All BUB activities are free and open to the general public. You can find the unseminar program and the inscription form at bcnunseminars.wordpress.com

With the collaboration of Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB)

Barcelona Unseminars in Bioinformatics (BUBhub)