BioS Final Event

BioS Final Event

Healthcare is undergoing profound changes, driven by Bioscience and technological advancements, demographic shifts, and changing lifestyles throughout Europe, thus requiring health care professionals to expand their skills' palette.

In response to these challenges, the BioS Project aims at advancing the digital skills of health professionals through the design, development, and delivery of new modular vocational curricula on Computational Biology.

Central topics

  • Opportunities for bioinformatics-based approaches in the diagnostics
  • Bioinformatics helping to combat COVID19
  • Bioinformatics in cancer patient treatment
  • BioS Project, Results and Policy Recommendations
  • Workshop on: Understanding the genetic basis of diseases for precise, therapeutic recommendations

Read more about the agenda by clicking here. BioS stands for "Digital Skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals" and is co-funded by the European Commission.

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