About BIB

President’s Welcome

It is an enormous pleasure for me to welcome you to the Bioinformatics Barcelona website and to share with you all this most engaging project to which I have given my personal and professional attention over the last two years.

BIB stems from observing the constant evolution of technology and the growing demand for qualified professionals in the health and agrifood sectors. It creates a highly valuable ecosystem among universities, research centers, hospitals, and companies sharing a common context, in which it generates synergies of great significance. In this respect, BIB contributes to the progress and acceleration of new and important initiatives at a global level as a means of creating more and better knowledge, which is then returned to society. This is the moment to move forward, joining forces, to place BIB at the service both of its members and of the national and international environment.

I would most especially like to highlight the extraordinary reception that we have received from a range of organizations, public administrations, and the world of business, all of which has made it possible to create BIB in such a short period of time and has ensured its visibility. It is clear, in this regard, that the efforts which have made and the excellent coordination that has been carried out have shown themselves to be the only way to achieve such an outcome, and-at one and the same time-the most efficacious means of doing so. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved.

And so the time has come to place BIB at the service of scientific, public, and private ambits, and at the service of all those companies and other agents committed to the creation of value through bioinformatics.

Ana Ripoll, President

Prof. Ana Ripoll
Executive President