About BIB

What is BIB

Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB) is a non-profit association for the provision of education and training, the promotion of advanced research, knowledge and technology transfer, the stimulation of competitiveness and innovation within the industrial sector, and the provision of greater visibility as an international node in the field of Bioinformatics.

BIB was established to meet the need for generating synergies between biology and computer science, for a stronger union between these areas, and for the development of high-quality education and training programs in the creation of bioinformatic talent.

Constituted in 2015, BIB, currently, comprises more than 70 leading institutions related to the Bioinformatic sector that develop their activities within the health, agrifood, and technology sector, including:

The association has a critical mass of internationally recognized researchers in bioinformatics with complementary profiles, ready-and-available computational infrastructures, and a strong industrial and clinical sector. Jointly, these create a highly appropriate environment to establish and pursue innovative projects among all its stakeholders for the development of new products and services, in which, by combining their efforts, organizations can go beyond their current limits.

With the cooperation of all its members, BIB will turn into the scientific cluster of reference in southern Europe, and into a strategic hub for Bioinformatics worldwide, thanks to a highly developed ecosystem and a privileged geographical location, open to the world.

5-year BIB Report: 

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