Research groups

Computational Biology Lab (CBL)

The Computation Biology Laboratory (CBL ) was created in response to the growing demand for computing power linked to the R & D in the Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes ( CEAB ) and linked to different aspects of biology and ecology of marine and continental aquatic ecosystems. The demand for high performance computation started ten years ago evolved naturally from a situation of resources generated by some researchers from individual projects to the current provisions of Cluster of High Performance computing by the own resources of the institute and the infrastructure call bythe Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness ( CSIC13-4E 1999 )

Main projects

  • 1.

    Ecology and evolution of marine symbiosis

  • 2.

    Genetic tools: introduced species, characterization of biodiversity and adaptation to global warming

  • 3.

    Ecoinformatics approach on the ecology and evolution of microbial chemolithotrophic metabolisms and links with global change


Group Leader:

Frederic Bartumeus


Emilio Casamayor